20 comments on “My Veins of Blue

    • Hi Ina!
      I really do resist (read as hate) rhyme, but I as some in time can not resist sublime…
      Shoot me, shoot me now. lmao!!!!

      Thanks for coming by, poet


  1. Very nice poem. 😀 I can’t help falling into rhyme way too much. I was able to get away from it once, but it takes concentration because I just keep flopping back to rhyme pattern.

    • That’s why I like the internal rhymes with no structure visible.
      The truth is, if we really have something so marvelous to say no rules are necessary!
      A single bloom does not rhyme….
      Thank you for coming by, I just abandoned Myspace for here and it’s a bit lonely yet.


  2. This is really beautiful, Eric. I especially love the image of moonlight being the only lasting kiss. *sighs*

    • One of my readers keeps telling me the graphic is a pizza!
      The piece is my Myspace farewell….
      Glad you liked it.


  3. I had to reread…
    your words flowed through the music to seep into an old memory of mine
    I had to catch my breath…I do like this one very very much….
    Thank you for a walk through time…..it made me smile even as tears escaped
    take Care…

    • When I first posted this on Myspace, I was crying too!
      I have so much to be grateful for, this was a thank you to the muse…
      I love that it struck you deeply, Ladyblue.


    • It is a mouthful, Deborah, that’s for sure!
      Bless you for stopping by and commenting…
      It is so appreciated

      Happy New Year!

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