31 comments on “I Was Made

  1. I was compelled… to read this twice. Love how you so carefully chose your words. You bring so much of what is you… All Things Eric… in this pome.
    The part about the shimmer was an overwhelming stroke of brilliance.
    Enjoyed, as always… Myke

    • As was I compelled to write it, Myke.
      I was Youtubing when I stumbled upon the video and viola, poem…
      It’s usually the other way round for me!
      And as I hadn’t written anything since leaving My_____, quite reassuring.
      I am honored you came all the way over here, Sir!

      Thank you,

  2. It’s a beautiful poem. Like a whiff, it tickles the senses and is gone… in a mist. Only a fragrance remains… You’ve also laid it out like a dune in the desert … I love it.

    Thank you for your support through this year for my attempts with words. Have a very good and prosperous new year 2013.

    • Like a breeze, it came from nowhere and then was gone, I am just glad I was listening at the time…
      Thank you, MJ and wishing you light and laughter, for ink next year!


  3. I read this several times and it caught me each time…very eloquent and so much said in few words…Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a lovely comment:)
    And loved the video!


    • Thank you, Jennifer, your visit is much appreciated.
      I love the “Cosmic”, I once had a blog party site named that!

      Bless you

    • And I for you, poet, that darkness on your page is an obsession of mine!
      I’ve just recently found the light…


    • My life is like that hot super-nova, beautiful from a distance and in that knowledge my smile grows…
      Freedom’s coming!

      Thank you, Maxi

    • Floor boards creak and the porch is sagging, but yes the view is still grand, old friend…
      Thank you!

  4. a tapestry woven in magick of words
    I am glad I stopped in and heard
    and felt them…..
    Take Care…

    • It seems I am always reinventing myself, Tanya.
      I am hoping to have wings this time when the chrysalis breaks…
      And yet I am scared, at 54 I’ve never really been alone before.


      • We could have a long discussion on this topic. At 37, I have never been on my own. Alone…I am learning you do not have to be on your own to be alone. It is not a feeling to be enjoyed. Take comfort in friends and your writing. It is what I do and I am married with 3 girls, yet I am very much alone. See the irony?

        • I lived that irony, poet, for many years and through two daughters I raised on my own. Now they are grown and it’s time for me to go on, but still I look back. I have promised myself to not let the past poison the future, it took a decade to get there though. This is why I started writing, I get the feeling this is your muse too, Tanya

  5. I am back to writing. (been away from it too long – I lost too much of myself) I have always written since I was old enough to put words on paper. Writing keeps a clear mind and an honest soul. (for me and so many others, I am learning) I put the pen away and have regretted so much in my life but I would never change it because good too came from it all. The past is to learn from. Page by page as I tell my girls. Each page gives a new lesson and to learn it is to teach it well. Words allow that so I am always learning and always teaching. My muse…in so few words yes but I could write a book doing the real telling behind my writing. 🙂 May 2013 and a continuance of writing change old habits and allow for a more clear future. A changed one I hope.

  6. Life changed me from sculptor to writer in a day, funny as one has three dimensions and the other, at least conceptually, has none, but I don’t question, I just keep writing, I feel I owe the Muse my sanity if not my life….. Well here’s to momentum (I was going to say traction, but hospital images came) and progress and light in the new year! I am glad I’ve met you, Tanya…

    • Painting is a dream of mine. I could see you as a sculptor. It answers questions I have in mind of the way you write. Writing is not for the literal minded, not usually. I can say I owe my life to a stranger but I owe life to so much more than just one. Keep writing. I am glad I met you also~ I show it in a poem or two too. (more perhaps as time goes on) Smile.

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