24 comments on “In a Sense

    • Hey, Cutie Pie! I don’t know what came over me!
      I have been smiling, a lot…

      Hugs back, Girl!!

    • I am glad you take it as a romance fantasy, as was intended, Rachael.
      The more I look at it, I see vampire/succubus themes developing!
      A dark twist…


    • To breathe, I pray…
      That’s what I wish for you.

      Ya, I start out with the small stuff.
      The doables…

  1. The last verse sings…. your poetry is like a feather… easy to read, but easier to get away. The touch must be light… to hold on to the melody and rhythm. It’s a beautiful quality.

    • I like to start off easy, humming and building to crescendo and then, fly away…..
      Seems you have figured me out, MJ!


    • Ha! I’m delirious! That’s why I have been sitting here playing the song and reading it over and over again! lol
      Bless you for the comment, poet…


  2. Words are so seldom enough to convey the feeling from which they fall, and yet they do (sometimes they do)……. I love this, Eric, for its simple declaration of desire, and for the mystery that lies in the not yet bliss. Truly beautiful. ~ Much love, Bobbie

    • Words are a wonder, I love and respect them so…
      That is why I read you, poet!

      Bless you, Bobbie

    • Thank you, joanna…
      There is something eternal about this state.
      An endless, swelling bliss


    • I think this is my favorite new write and something about the pic and the song….
      Blows me away, still… Glad you got to feel it, Irene!

      It’s me!

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