31 comments on “Beachhead

    • The photos are not mine, but representative of where I spent last winter!
      The wine in Panama was amazing and so inexpensive it just flowed…
      As did the ink!

      nice to see you tonight,

    • I was there for six weeks staring at the people and the water, unwinding…
      It was fabulous, Rachael and spawned some very satisfying ink!
      The beginnings of a book, had I stayed.
      It’s time for an adventure.


    • Believe it , Bobbie, it was truly paradise…
      Folks everywhere, with smiles upon their faces!
      Perhaps I’ll repost one or two of the pieces.


    • NYC is in the house!!! See, It’s always exciting when YOU show up, Louis!
      I’m glad you hear it, my friend.
      More proof that a new escape must be planned!

      Love seein’ you, brother


  1. Oh, the whole ensemble is mesmerizing! To return to beginnings is a long journey, but you give it a beauty and grace that make the journey worthwhile. 🙂

    • I have been on the mountain too long, MJ. Time to return to the mother, the sea…

      So glad you enjoyed!

    • I wish I had some of my own from this journey, but I had made a conscious choice to bring no gadgets!
      I traveled the world as we always have, with a few days clothing, a journal and a pen…
      Such sweet release!

      Thank you, Jamie

    • I am determined to get a real camera and shoot as I write and then post with my voice recorded, a sort of carnival of me!
      If for me, cooking and knitting worked with the words, I would do it!
      That sort of thing is working for others, keep pushing, Jen, find the edge of the envelope and then purify.

    • Yes it is, joanna and soon I plan to be off on another!
      Bless you for saying hello, poet…. 🙂


  2. Well, as everyone else, I love the pictures, but your writing puts almost all of us in the pale… LOL, well, me at least.. haha. You do have a beautiful way with words. I don’t think I’d be able to focus long enough to write that well or intense. I love reading your work, though I admit, it blows me out of the water every time 😀

    • Your writing has the one necessary ingredient for greatness, Keli, honesty…
      Stick with that and you’ll be just fine.
      That’s why I read YOU, even though politically we are poles apart!

      Blessings 🙂

  3. e, I really love your writing and live by the sea so relate to your poem, I have returned here after a lifetime in cities, it is a blessing to be by the sea again 🙂

    • I fled to the mountains, but am now feeling the mother’s call…
      My next stop will surely be near water.
      Thank you for the lovely comment!


    • Thank you, Don, I am more than happy to feature good writing on my page, if everyone did this it would make spreading roots here much easier!
      Glad you like my WordPress version of a MYspace page, lol, it feels like home to me… I still miss the old page and peeps!


  4. Having grown up on the U.S. Atlantic coast, this poem takes me home..
    so very much enjoyed the journey, the memories, the poetry!

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