19 comments on “Truths to the Wind

    • It really was, Bobbie, I looked at the sky and said I forgive you, the sense of response and relief was palpable!
      Wonderful to have been away for that release, glad you came along….


  1. Mr Eric Gale! It is Marek, your old friend from MySpace! I am found you at last! I was sad to have to leave MySpace but I could not be there without your wonderful poems. I have found many old friends here – Miss Cassie, Mr Seb. What a wonderful time we will have together?

    • Marek, the one and only! Many old friends and many fantastic new ones, this place has breath! Yes, my brother, we shall enjoy… So glad you followed the trail I left, the stubborn few are still resisting, I for one could not stay there a minute longer, it was killing me to see Myspace die in my arms…

      Awesome to see you!

  2. A great sentiment… forgiveness. It sets you free. And leaves you lighter, happier. You forgive so beautifully too… they have reserved a special place in heaven for you – right where the ocean starts and where the sun and stars are at their softest…. 🙂 Keep giving us these lovely poems…

    • Hi, MJ! Yes, I had forgiven myself, but it was an epiphany to realize I had so much more to release, so many to forgive, especially as their major “crime” was being human… I pray it won’t take an act of god to get me the sky and the sea, I am heading there in the Spring!

      Thank you, poet

    • I’ve waited my whole life to be free, Louis.
      Now that I can almost grasp it, I find it a bit terrifying!
      My baggage is gone.


    • A magical point in my life, Sylvie, still makes me smile…
      Bless you for reading so deeply today!


  3. Pure Magick!! My dream is to go to India…I hope to feel the magic there as you have shared e…there is nothing more rewarding than a life well-traveled…No material thing can compare…Thank you for taking us on your journey in the written word 🙂

    • India would be marvelous, Jennifer, so many variations to the culture and terrain! It seems MY next foray may be to Thailand and I am hoping for Cambodia too, I am dying to see Angkor Wat!


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