40 comments on “Of Love’s Embrace

  1. This one is simple compared to most of your poems. Gentle. I agree with the previous comment, very very nice.

    • Hey, Blondie,
      Ya it’s that hindsight thing…
      Might be time to look ahead again.

      keep smiling!

  2. Intoxicating and proof that one doesn’t need ten thousand words to speak such that all understand. Beautiful, dear Eric. Truly. ~ Love, Bobbie

    • Those rhyming tricks are fun for the tongue and even nicer when they say what one wants!
      Blessings, Jen and sorry to ALL that I was late getting back on this one…


    • I had the first bit hanging around forever, Michael, glad I finally found the rest….

      Thank you,

    • I heard the muse clearly there, took me awhile to be convinced about the “hold me when I miss you”
      Such a phantom line, I gave it it’s own space!

      Bless you for noticing…


    • A bit of the truth with no moral, it just is, poet!
      Straight up images are my favorite way to write…


    • That line is such a catch 22!
      Makes me ask, how can we be held by someone who’s not there, the same as we can miss someone greatly, who is in the next room…
      Thank you, Joanna


    • A great compliment, Wendell, thank you!
      This heart IS a twin to love, in the sense that the other half is out there, beating, I know it, might never find it, but it’s there…


    • Wasn’t that great!? The muse spoke it clear as day, I love that, didn’t know what to do with it forever, but I love that….

      Bless you, Maxi!

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  4. a day of just quiet and catching up on words I have missed..
    a perfect beginning this morning
    what a beautiful flow of energy your words carry through
    each verse was my favorite until I read the next one….
    the last one stands perfectly still perfectly clear for me
    but…..I like the whole picture you have painted masterfully with your thoughts to your words….
    Thank you for sharing Eric…I really like this one….
    Take Care…

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