32 comments on “Just Beyond

  1. beautiful picture, music in the background….words flow on the breeze I was drifting on…
    I like this…Thank you for sharing…
    Take Care…

  2. …. that feather touch of wistfulness… the special touch of your poetry. Wonderful read! wonderful re-read! 🙂

    • My heart is that elusive thing I reach for, Jen, I lost it long ago…
      I will go again, but fear I won’t return (better have internet in paradise)


  3. Eric, this is magical……… from shores of distance, sands recall the warmth that was a dream. Truly exceptional. ~ Love ever, Bobbie

    • The time has come to cut ties and seek these new horizons, this dreaming of warmth wants a reality check!

      Blessings to you, Bobbie


    • That was sort of the idea, Joanna. (or as close as I ever get to one) The beginning being rooted, concrete and that final bit, a face flash in the sky…

      Thank you!

  4. you at your very best …. im slow but i will suss out this site eventually .. ive learnt to post as youve seen .. i made my own banner ,…. AND LOOOKIE SEE i found out how to get to blog posts like and comment yipeeeee im good slow but good giggle hugs ya

    • I am soooooo pleased you are enjoying WP!!!!!
      Now if we could get the holdouts to come over…


    • That was pretty trick, right , Maxi?!
      I think that’s the best positive image I’ve come up with in a loooong time!


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