31 comments on “Refrain

  1. There is something nostalgic and painful here is my interpretation….the past can never be changed and yet we still relive it over and over again. Beautiful piece e…as always.

    • You read clearly, Jen…
      I tried to go to a happy place and wandered.
      Some mistakes should remain unforgotten, daily.


  2. You alway write so beautifully Eric, and I feel like I’ve been where you were… (probably recently) but love your open-ness even though it is hidden.

  3. I read it over and over… sad, beautiful. Our best ‘mistakes’ are those we remember every day… maybe several times a day. 🙂 Stay well.

  4. “…and we put the apple back.” Will there be change if we did? Or a new pain to take its place?
    blessings ~ maxi

    • Yes, my brother, I set sail for magic. Hit some familiar rocks, but no less on that shore…


  5. Thank you for the good music. The first song gave strength to the poem. Hard sometimes to understand how we landed in the places we are. A powerful poem and song leading the reader into thoughts of things lost. Thank you for the excellent poem.

  6. I always enjoy my time on this blog,
    but I could not leave without telling you how
    much Refrain touched my soul.

    Fine, evocative writing!

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