6 comments on “In My Birdhouse

  1. Eric, this piece sent utter chills of awe through me. You are back and better than ever. The Universe knows just how to wring every little bit out of us and it takes nothing at all really. So delighted to be touched by your inspiration today.

    Most Warmly,

    • The value of nothing is an elusive truth, one that I am pleased you comprehend, Nirvani.
      Nothing is a silence that nowhere allows us to hear, wherever we are…

      Be blessed, poet

  2. one of the voices of Goddess seemed to stir the energy
    as I read the thoughts you spun into words weaving through a distant place
    a distant memory it feels of….What a wondrous work of art you have created Eric…
    I think I will call it a day and sleep on the music and thoughts…
    (beautiful post…almost haunting within the magick)
    Take Care…you Matter…

    • Voices do seem to roam the halls of this old house, my new abode…
      I am loving the spirit of this place!

      This piece and the ones just before and after were whispered into a voice recorder late one night on the edge of sleep. I didn’t know what I had till typing it out days later, what a nice surprise……

      Thank you, Maryrose,

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