12 comments on “An Exaltation

  1. You are beside yourself, and rightfully so. There is a great deal within your grasp, to hold on to.
    There is some seriously awesome word play on display here. I like that.

    • Thank you, Brother Myke! This poured right out this morning and I like that… I love the words and pray they never leave.

    • I woke up with the song in my head and desirous too! The rest was in the blessed hands of The Muse, Dear Sis….

  2. A delicious reverie on a lonely, chilly New England beach. Eric, your keen poetic imaginings are so vivid and artistically crafted. I hope you find them sustaining during this challenging era of your life.

    • Ah there you are, thank you for coming back and for your inciteful comment! Yes and your friendship too, Eliza…

    • Words do fail to capture the raptures of love, Demme. It’s in the recognizing of the attempt, the sight of it’s glow in the beholders and writers eyes that we communicate that which is ultimately elusive…… Thank you, my dear friend.

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