Hello, and welcome,  my new community, it feels great to finally be here!!!

You can find me on Facebook @   http://www.facebook.com/eric.gale.5

To contact me personally, E-mail to, ericgale2010@yahoo.com

As I said, if you have any questions,  just ask!

I look forward to hearing from you.



15 comments on “About

  1. Howdy my friend. I like the old MySpace. New one forgot the writer. I like this site. A lot of talent here. Hope to read more of your poetry and story.

    • Yes, John, Myspace is just one big empty archive now…
      A lot of excitement here, I am loving it!
      Great to find YOU here.


    • As I am new here, MJ, I am sure to be the one missing steps.
      But usually if you like it gives the option to follow…
      I must have work to do!


  2. LoL! I thought that was too easy! Th WP admin side does require a wonderfully geeky touch, doesn’t it 🙂 Hope you and your community have lots of fun over here.
    Thanks for visiting and introducing yourself BTW, e.

    • lol I felt bad that I opened the doors without being ready!
      You are quite right about the geeky touch, Jas, but then I love that and that’s why I don’t post on generic looking FB!
      Great to meet you and yes, let’s have fun!


  3. I love your poems. Your mind paints extraordinary pictures.
    I enjoy your comments on my blog(s). I really enjoyed writing with you. Few take the time to do such things.
    As to wordpress, it takes some getting used to, thankfully, I am just geek enough to figure it out lol

  4. And I yours, Tanya, you are quite honest and in touch with your feelings and pen!
    I rarely write with others, it has at times lead to failure and heart ache, so I built a wall, something about you broke through it and allowed me trust…

    Thank you for that!

    • I just give who I am. I know, no other way to be in written. I hide outside of words so I know that wall all to well. Is it trust or faith? Don’t answer, just think about it.

      No need to thank me. I found a like minded friend and I owe you thanx for that.

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog. Be in touch. Browse through the category sections,
    I feel you may find something of your interest.

  6. I have seen on some of the posts of my dearest sisters, and I thought I would visit. Your words speak with a certain grace my friend, and Eric I am glad I stopped by…and I will continue, you are gifted greatly! God bless, and have a wonderful weekend!

  7. Hi Eric,
    Thanks so much for following my photography blog. Much appreciated. Your posts are great and I look forward to seeing more.

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